About Us

PetScoob is a full-service animal care and grooming facility dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality pet care and furnishing a fun, clean, enjoyable atmosphere at an affordable price. We maintain a friendly creative work environment which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work.

 The timing is right for starting this new venture. Animals are playing a larger role in our lives, and working people are choosing to provide them with a good life. Loving families with active pets and an active conscience are in search of better lives for their pets and peace of mind for themselves, causing busy animal lovers to flock to an ever-growing number of animal day care facilities across the nation. For customer convenience, in addition to day care, PetScoob will include overnight care, wash your Pet, pet grooming, animal behavior, gift and pet specialty products, 24-hour service, and special requests, all at one facility

At PetScoob, we know how precious pets are and we take care of all of their needs. We offer all kinds of services and products for your furry friend and to make your pet parenting easy. We offer many Services like Booking of “PetScoob Daycare Rooms” according to your Budget and your Favorable Location anywhere and anytime. You can also book Slots and Packages of your nearby “Grooming Centers” to save your time and money. We also provide world’s best “Pet Trainers” for your four-legged family member to learn fun tricks and manners that you would love to see. Our Trainers handle your pets with love and care. We also have special customized cakes and cup-cakes for your Pet’s Birthday to make them feel special on the special occasion.

At PetScoob, you can also find variety of products for your Pet Child. You can find Food Products and snacks of your Pet’s favourite brand. You can also find the basic essentials products like Collars, Leashes, Grooming Products and many more at your doorstep in just one click.

Our Products and Services

Products and Services shall include but shall not be limited to:

  • Online Pet Shop
  • Pet Birthday Cakes
  • Pet Dog Insurance
  • Pet Hotels
  • Pet Daycare Services
  • Pet Home Training
  • Pet Walking
  • Pet Home Grooming
  • Pet Grooming Centers


Online Pet Shop

Want to experience the best online shopping for your pet in India? Then you are at the right place. PetScoob is the ultimate destination for pet products, being host to a wide array of your dog and cat Food, Treats and Snacks, Clothes, accessories, toys, grooming products, shampoos, beds, dental care and many more. It is time to redefine your pet parenting with our pawsome pet products.  Our online store brings you the latest and best qualities products for your daily pet parenting. From the comfort of your home and get your dog or cat’s favorite products delivered at your doorstep.

Dog Food

A dog’s first love might definitely be a human but it’s second love has always been it’s meals and we are doing our best to get together the perfect meal collection for your doggie. At PetScoob we provide a variety of Dry Dog Food and Wet Dog Food for your Dog. PetScoob provides you with lots of Dog Food Brands that offers varieties of flavors and nutritional components so you can have plenty of options to choose best for your pet dog. Taste of the food is the most important that you need to consider. Other specific characteristics such as your pet’s lifestyle, breed, age, allergies guide their nutritional requirements. For instance:

For Puppy

If we look at the pups they need the best fuel to sustain their level of physical activity because of having a very high energy lifestyle. Dogs younger than a year go from  a lot of growth and development and they require correct amount of all types of nutrients for optimal growth and development. Pups belonging to large breed like St. Bernard and German Shepherd require more nutrients like mineral and vitamins in order to support their bone growth. Thus balanced puppy food becomes a necessity for every puppy during their growth years.

For Adult Dogs

Adult Dogs over the age of 1 year need to have their diet alter as per their physical activities. Dogs who work as a sniffer or work in police require more amount of diet to meet their daily activity requirements and on the other hand pet dogs having a more lethargic routine may require less carbohydrates. A dog’s diet must depend upon their level of activity, breed and life stage for proper weight and lifestyle management.

For Senior Dogs

Senior Dogs just as old people require more care as they may slow down and show signs of ageing, their lifestyle might be change and so should their food habits. Senior pets might find their meal soaked in warm water, easier to chew and hence more tempting. It’s better to consult a canine nutritionist for senior dogs if you want right diet plan for your aged pet.

PetScoob Note:

Always choose the right pack size as per your requirement. PetScoob brings variety brands on our platform for you to shop best for your dog, always remember to check the feeding guidelines of the brand you use before feeding your pet.


Cat Food

A cat’s first love might definitely be a human but it’s second love has always been it’s meals and we are doing our best to get together the perfect meal collection for your cat. At PetScoob we provide a variety of Dry Cat Food, Canned Cat Food and Wet Cat Food for your Cat. PetScoob provides you with lots of Cat Food Brands that offers varieties of flavors and nutritional components so you can have plenty of options to choose best for your pet cat. Taste of the food is the most important that you need to consider. Other specific characteristics such as your pet’s lifestyle, breed, age, allergies guide their nutritional requirements.

Dog Treats and Snacks

Most efficient way of training is reward based training. Dog treats and snacks served as the best rewards that can be given while training your dog. We have plenty of options for dog treats and all kinds of dog snacks for you to choose from our shelves because we understand that dog treats and snacks are important part of your dog’s diet. You can choose best treats from many brands listed on our platform according to your demand, we provide you wide range of quality products.

 Cat Treats and Snacks

We know you love your cat and your cat loves their treats, we provide best quality cat treats and snacks to make their play time more fun. We have plenty of options for cat treats and all kinds of cat snacks for you to choose from our shelves because we understand that cat treats and snacks are important part of cat’s diet. We have plenty of cat treats brands on our platform for you to choose best for your cat.


Pet Birthday Cakes

At PetScoob we will never judge you for loving your dog and cat too much. We realize your pup deserves a little luxury every now and again. And that is the reason why we have come up with a platform where pet lovers can find stuff to spoil their furry companions the right way. We offer all the natural and customized dog and cat cakes, made from the consciously-sourced stuff we feed our own pups!

We bake cakes for every dog and cat to make their special day more happier! We bake cakes with a deep research on canine Behavior, we have perfected all-natural, fresh baked pupcakes that look just as good as they taste.

 PetScoob provides you with lots of Dog and Cat Cakes that offers varieties of flavors and nutritional components so you can have plenty of options to choose best cake for your pet and make them feel special.  


Pet Dog Insurance

  • PetScoob Pet Dog Insurance in collaboration with Bajaj Allianz offering comprehensive pet dog related coverage, including Surgery, Hospitalization, Mortality Terminal diseases, Long term care, OPD, and theft/Lost/Straying cover.
  • Also covers legal liability on pet owner in case of any third party bodily injury, death or property damage because of the pet dog as well as the legal costs for defending the claim.
  • Covers pet dog over the lifetime of the dog from age 3 months to 10 years.
  • Covers treatment of any injury/surgery or mortality resulting from any accident from the moment of policy insurance, without any waiting period.
  • 5% discount in case dog is RFID tagged/Micro Chipped.


Product Structure:

Mandatory Covers

  • Surgery and Hospitalization Expenses Cover

Optional Covers

  • Mortality Benefit Cover
  • Terminal Diseases Cover
  • Long Term Care Cover
  • OPD Cover
  • Theft/Lost/Straying Cover
  • Third Party Liability Cover


PetScoob Provides you with easy insured and to claim process. So that you can take care of your pet by just one click.


Pet Hotels

Want to go on a family trip and have no one to take care of your dog? Don’t worry because now PetScoob is here with their luxurious pet hotels and boarding centers to take care of your babies while you enjoy your trip without worrying about your baby. We ensure a pet friendly environment for your furry babies. You do not need to wonder anymore if you have a dog or a cat boarding near you in India we will do the task for you. We will provide you the best dog boarding and cat boarding near your area without pinching on your pockets.


At PetScoob, we are all dog lovers ourselves, so we understand how stressful it can be to think about where your dog will stay when you need to go out of town.

The process of finding Pet Hotels for your dog and cat boarding near your area has now become stress free with PetScoob. Our Partner Pet Hotels and Pet daycares are verified with our strict verification process, we provide you with pictures and detailed description of all Dog hotels and Cat Hotels so that you can also verify each detail and can select best Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding according to you and your budget. Our each Partner Dog and Cat daycare and boarding are verified with our review team. So, that you can enjoy your work or tour without any stress. We know how much you love your pet and we take care of them as you do during the stay.

The benefits of using a PetScoob Partner Hotel or Daycare is that your dog or cat will stay in an environment similar to what you provide at your home and will get plenty of cuddles and attention. Pet owners like you can directly connect with your Pet Hotel and simply ask them to provide Video Calls and Pictures of your dog so that you can keep your eye on your baby. You will be informed whenever you pet will eat food and we will also provide them potty breaks and will take them for a walk at least twice a day. You can monitor their each move by videos which will be provided by our partners to you.


Pet Home Training

Got a new puppy? Want them to get settle in your home environment? PetScoob has got you all covered we have certified experienced trainers who focus on training your dog for basic etiquettes at home or in public. Make them adorable by teaching them fun tricks PetScoob’s trainers use reward based fun and methods to train your dog and cat. Their primary focus remains to be your pet’s physical fitness, social engagement and mental alertness.

Our Trainers make sure that your dog obeys to your command and adopt appropriate behavior when introduced in public.

It has always been difficult for pet parents to find qualified trainers near your area. PetScoob now has made it easier! Now you can book our home training services anywhere in India just by one click. Our Trainers Train your dog and cat in your presence, we do not move over on any command until it is successfully given by you.

We are completely against the punishment method of training and only use reward based and lovable methods to train your pet.

Proper Training course is very important to maintain a healthy and Pawsome relationship between you and your pet.


Pet Walking Services

Walking your dog is the most essential duty of a pet parent. It helps your dog to stay healthy and also helps to keep a check on their behavioral issues like anxiety and barking. Because of busy schedule most of the pet parents/ owners are not able to take their dog for a walk. Don’t worry PetScoob is now here to solve this problem for you, now we can walk your Dog near your home or neighborhood at your suitable timings.

Lack of walk and exercise can lead to obesity, anxiety, stress in dogs which lead to access in barking and misbehavior. If you are looking for professional dog walker near your area then be relaxed PetScoob is now here to solve every pet parenting problem. You can now book dog walkers online on our platform by just one click. We have verified professional and certified dog walkers who can make your dog walk and exercise.

 Dog walking is not an easy task as we have to protect your dog with street dogs and to clean their poop from the streets and it also needs lots of patience, care and expertise. We at PetScoob equipped with expertise, experience and intense passion make it easier and also provides your dog with better mental health, maintain weight control, decrease loneliness, improving physical health, improves behavior and improves better socialization.  


Pet Grooming Centers

Pet Grooming is quite essential for a healthy and hygienic pet. We at PetScoob partner grooming centers provide you with the best Pet grooming facilities near you. We ease up your search by providing you a list of best dog grooming centers and cat grooming centers near you. You can pre book your appointments and get a hustle free grooming done for your pet without hurting your pockets.  Our grooming centers are equipped with modern tools and equipment to take care of everything. Our services include bathing, tick treatment, brushing of teeth, clipping and trimming of nails, fur maintenance, ear cleaning, etc., with pet-certified grooming products. Pet parents must make sure that their pets always feel fresh.


Our dog groomers are well experienced in handling dogs of all the breed. They are well certified and are aware of the challenges pet parents face in the grooming of their babies especially the large breeds.


Pet Home Grooming

Amidst the current situation where each and every service can be availed at the comfort of your home, we have made your life even easier by bringing Dog grooming services and cat home grooming services at your doorstep. We make sure that our home groomers leave you house as clean as it was before grooming.  Our dog home groomers and cat home groomers will equipped with modern tools and equipment including vacuum cleaner to clean hair of your pet after grooming. Pet Grooming at home will give you comfortable grooming session and also make your pet relaxed and make them calm.

PetScoob aims to make the process of pet grooming easier for all pet parents.

Register now to avail exciting dog grooming and cat grooming packages to help your dog and cat toremain cool all year round.